Finn update

Over the past couple of weeks Finn has been doing pretty well. I just got a text message this morning that he hit 3lbs! He is slowly but surely eating more and gaining ounces. His doctor wants him to work on maintaining his own body tempterature so Anne and Noah have started putting him in clothes and wrapping him up tight in blankets. It's probably the cutest thing I've ever seen. Stay tuned for pictures of his Halloween costume! Oh yes, he isn't going to miss out on trick-or-treating just because he's in the NICU! :)
Here he is in his stylish rugby stripes.

I think the little premie size hats are adorable!

On a sadder note, Monday their hospital had a little memorial service for families who have lost babies. Anne and Noah went to remember Jackson. They said it was obviously hard to do, but they were glad they went. They've brought his ashes home and put them in the nursery. It kind of feels like he's "keeping the place warm" until Finn comes home. I miss you baby.

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