traveling jane

So, I'm about to hit the road. Tomorrow I have to drive to Kansas City and back. I have to get my fingerprints done at the immigration office there. The family I live with is adopting from Africa and since I live in their house I have to grow through all of the background checks they do. I downloaded an audiobook so hopefully that makes the drive go by a little faster. After Kansas City I'm home for a night then I head to San Diego. That will be a fun trip! My little sister and I are heading out there for the weekend. I can't wait to see my nephew! I can't believe he is one month old already. I'll try to post some pictures and updates while I'm out there.

Well, I'm going to get the laundry out and finish cleaning up the house. Then off to bed to rest up for my big day of driving! Can you hear the excitement in my typing?

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Ashley Robbins said...

I wish I could be in the car to jam out with Wicked and Legally Blonde...:) I don't know if I'll see you before you leave for the weekend but have so much fun with your fam! love you!