Big Cedar Getaway

Last week some friends of mine blessed me with a night at Big Cedar. It was such a needed little get-away! My friend Cynthia came out with me and spent the night. We stayed in one of their super cute little cabins that over looks the lake. AMAZING! The cabin even had a wood burning fireplace (if only either of us knew how to light a fire!). First we went on a walk and enjoyed the beautiful weather.
When we got back from our walk, Vivian the cookie lady had been by to turn down the bed and leave us some home made cookies! She even left us a the recipe and wrote us a good night note. Dear Vivian, will you be my best friend?! :)
Check out this shower! I wasn't really planning on showering that day since it was my day off but I did just because I had to experience a shower with 4 shower heads!
We went all out for our girls night at the cabin. We ordered a BBQ chicken pizza (YUM!) and drank water out of wine glasses.
After we finished our pizza we made busted out the junk food! Popcorn (kettle corn for Cyndi and Homestyle for me) and ice cream!
Blue Bell Cookies and Cream and Ben and Jerry's Heath Bar Crunch!
Even the little throw pillow was cute! It says "Sweet Dreams from Big Cedar". I slept so hard that night that I don't even think I dreamt!
I also got to enjoy some time at the spa while I was there. My new favorite activity is getting a massage. I plan on making that a much more frequent thing in my life! Thanks again to my dear friends C & R for blessing me with a night away. I am so grateful!

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