Kanakuk Leadership Weekend and my 26th birthday

What an incredible weekend! Our K-Kountry leadership team came to Branson for a weekend of planning and fun. We had such a great time together! I cannot wait to spend every day of the summer with these people.

K-Kountry: since nineteen eighty eight. We busted out the neon, scrunchies, and JORTS and had a blast. Stayed tuned for a hilarious video of our adventures.

Our girls team - I love these ladies! Katie, Blair, Rachel, Kelli, Sarah, and Lauren. Ya'll are some of my favorite people in the world.

Kara and I. Where would the kids of K-Kountry be without this girl? She is the greatest!
Our Coco headed to prom - HELLO GORGEOUS!

Monday was my 26th birthday. My amazing friends threw me a surprise party on Sunday night. I was blindfolded and driven to Rockaway Beach A.K.A Vampire town for pizza and dancing! The Pizza Cellar is an infamous hangout among the K-Kountry guys and the girls never get to go. I'm pretty sure I would never step foot in that place without a group of strong men to protect me! :) It was so great to spend my birthday surrounded by great friends who are so dear to me.

Rachel, me, Heather, and Shalako
Cynthia and Mollye - thanks for making my delicous cake!
Because my friends are so amazing they requested Celine Dion on the jukebox for me! Brennan spun me around the dance floor while singing along to the Power of Love at the top of his lungs!
Then when I thought it couldn't get any better they gave me a present - 2 tickets to see Legally Blonde the Musical!! OMG you guys! Who wants to go with me? Make your case on why I should take you. :)
Austin, me and Blair
Thank you again my dear friends! I can't say thank you enough. I had such a wonderful birthday and felt so loved. I can't wait to see what God has in store for year 26. I know it's going to be great!


Ashley Robbins said...

is your arm in the pic with the girls leadership team like dislocated...what in the world? :) love the pics!

Anne said...

Requesting Celine at a bar? Those are some good friends alright.

plainlyjane said...

HA! Ash - I didn't even notice that. I think I'm just leaning weirdly. :)