Butterfly Clips

Hey friends. I've been inspired by the new trend of fancy headbands and clips (thank you, Sara). I really want some of my own, but can't bring myself to spend $30 on a hair accessory. So, what to do? Make my own, of course! So last night I went to Michael's and searched for the perfect embellishments. I found these super cute butterflies, pulled out some ribbon I already had and...TA DA!

I clipped mine onto an elastic headband that I got at Wal Mart. I made three clips for myself - pink, green, and orange. I wore this green one today and got tons of compliments. BONUS - these headbands don't give me a headache and stay perfectly in place all day long! I think I'm going to develop a new obsession. These are going to be perfect for this summer at kamp. Want one for yourself? I made 6 extra's and would love to share! Just $2 per clip. Here's what you have to choose from. There's 2 pink, 2 green, 1 yellow, and 1 orange. Just leave me a comment if you want one!

How cute are they just perched in the grass there?
I love summer. :)


Ashley Robbins said...

why are you the cutest thing ever!!! i loved this post! the last picture of the clips in the grass is my fav...hysterical!

Rachel said...

Jane did you really just perch your butterfly clips in the grass? I cant stop laughing about that. They are perched in the grass and then you took a pic! I am laughing! I want one! Green please! Love ya!

plainlyjane said...

Rachel - click on my etsy store to buy your clip!