K-Kountry Staff Training Week

As you may have noticed I've been away for a little while. I moved to kamp for the summer and I'm not able to get online much there. So, I have to save my blog posting for when I am on time off. Here's a quick little recap of the last week or so. Until June 1st just our staff is here for a week of training and getting to know each other. We have had a great time so far despite many days of rain.

On one of our first night's we went to see Kirby Van Burch's Magic Show here in Branson. When we walked in to the theater we found this guy holding a KANGAROO! Only in Branson!
Our second night was "girls night" (the guys had "guys night") and we went all out. We baked cupcakes, drank tea and lemodade, and talked about girly things. Love it. Here's the beautiful cupcakes...don't they look delicious?!
Sarah worked tirelessly putting orange slices on all of the glasses. :)
Katie shared her super cute pink pom poms to decorate the doors. No guy was going to want to come in to this dining hall! :)
We all tye-dyed t-shirts to wear for "Chica Dia" this summer with the kampers. So fun!
Blair, Lauren, and I showing off our treats. Can you see what I'm holding? They are fruit kabobs with orange slices, strawberries, and marshmallows, drizzled with chocolate. YUM.
This weekend was "Alumni Weekend" where we invite any past staff to come and enjoy a day of speakers, concerts, and memories together. It was a great day until the heavens opened up and it started pouring! Here's a fun pic of Katie, Kelli, Ashley, and I...well our feet anyway. We all wore our TOMS that day. Those are becoming a favorite shoe for me to wear at kamp.
Well, that's all for now. I'll be back this weekend with another update and hopefully some fun pics. This blog is helping me do better at taking pictures throughout the day because I want to have something to share with you! Keep in touch this summer. Email me or comment here!


Sarah W. said...

This time of year, I miss kamp so much! Looks like its just as fun as always. I love your updates!

And, also, I have a etsy suggestion for you (selfishly)....I have been wanting a new, cute keychain, and there are not many options out there. Being your creative self, I thought you could come up with something adorable!!

The Sawyer Family said...

This post makes me happy and very sad all at the same time!! I don't even know about Toms or Chica dia. Man... I miss kamp! Love you and praying for you guys all the time!

Anne said...

Um, you are so right - only in Branson would a kangaroo be chillin' at the magic show. That is awesome. Miss you. xoxo.