Meant to post this on 6.23

Hi again! I’m sorry it’s been so long since I have blogged. Here’s a little bit of what’s been going on lately. Since I last wrote we finished our first term of kamp. The second set of kids are here and having a great time. In the last week we have had a Mexican fiesta, a Pirate party, a relaxing movie night, the “Old School” party – complete with a human shuffleboard and oatmeal fight, and yesterday was “Chica Dia”. Chica Dia is one of the girls’ favorite days at kamp. We abandon the schedule for the day and do all things GIRL. A mad hatter tea party for breakfast, spa time at the pool, baking sugar cookies, a picnic lunch, and finally the Miss K-Kountry Pageant! This time I had the privilege of playing the reigning Miss K-Kountry. I spent the afternoon training the girls on how to walk the runway and helped them pick out their theme music and lighting for the pageant. Each barn picked one counselor to represent them. The kampers got to choose her evening gown and do her hair and makeup. Along with their evening gown round each contestant performed a talent. They could either do something on their own or include the kampers in their barn. We had some hilarious talents! My favorite had to be barn 1 – their counselor was a cowgirl and all the kampers were cows. They mooed around on stage while their counselor taught the audience how to lasso and herded the cows into the pit. A bunch of little mooing 7 year olds – stole my heart! ☺ Here are a few pics from the evening.

I promise I’m going to try and do better on updating more often! Today I’m off and enjoying a day to myself. Miss and love you all!

Before my grand entrance

Hosting the pageant with Lauren
With sweet Ella
Just before I gave up my crown

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