4th of July

I hope everyone had a great 4th. I spent mine here at kamp obviously. I was so sad to miss a year in Michigan with everyone, but we had a pretty fun day. To start things off right we woke the kids up with firecrackers right outside their cabins. I don't really know how, but somehow I got nominated to light the firecrackers and throw them into the gravel. Scary! Brandy and I decorated the office with red, white, and blue balloons and a huge American flag. Everything was very patriotic. :) The kampers spent the day playing at the pool and the water park. In the evening we had a parade with lots of skit characters (including Jane Qui Qui - pictures to come), the Branson Fire Chief in his fire car, and lots of candy for the kids. K1 and K-kauai came over to K-Kountry to watch the fireworks. It was a pretty good show, but I have to admit the whole time I was imagining myself lounging in a beach couch on Lake Michigan beach watching an even better show over the lighthouse! Here are a few pictures from the day. I have more on my camera but I haven't had a chance to download them yet.

In the morning Brandy and I wanted to celebrate with the K1 office girls (the kamp right next door) so we decided to meet in the middle for a little party. We made them a sign:
Yay office girls! K1 brought us fresh blueberries and sweet tea. Yum!
Lauren, Christine, and I. K-Kountry office girls love the USA!
My next time off is this weekend but it's a busy one - I'm finally going to see Legally Blonde the Musical!! I am so excited. Ashley and I have been counting down the days for weeks. Can't wait to post pictures and tell you all about it. :)

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