2009 Highlights

2009 has been a big year for me. It's always hard for me to try and "reflect" on a year because a lot happens in 12 months. But I've picked out a handful of things that stand out when I look back at 2009. More than anything this has been a year marked by God's nearness to me. God has shown me that He is always good even when then world can be so evil. I'm thankful for the trials He has allowed in my life because it only makes me desire Him more.

So here are some moments worth looking at again.

Big Changes:

New house, new neighborhood, and new (AWESOME) roommates. I could not have asked for a better place or people to live with. I have no doubt that God's perfect timing once again provided Katie and Ang with a open room and need for another roommate just when I was looking. They have been the greatest friends and roommates to me. Just today we had lunch together and I was so encouraged by them. They challenge me to be a better person, provide fun memories (see pic below), and love me just the way I am. Plus, we have some really great neighbors who have become really great friends. :)

I left my job with Kanakuk Ministries in August. This was a huge decision and a really scary one because I didn't have another job when I left. God came through in a huge way and introduced the Makuch family to me. They hired me to nanny their 6 sweet kiddos 5 days a week. I get to help with school pick-ups, driving them to tennis, violin, band, etc lessons, making dinner, reading time, and tuck-ins. Mostly I just get to hang out with the greatest kids and get paid for it! They have been so great to welcome me into their family. I have so loved getting to know them and look forward to more fun time together.
I've also had the chance to pursue my dream of having a "craft" business. When I worked at Kanakuk I would sit at my desk so many days and wish I was home painting or knitting. Now I get to do that everyday! I had my first plainlyjanemats "open house" in November. I'm continuing to find my niche with this business. I'm excited about the possibilities this is providing for me!

I had the greatest privilege of working at K-Kountry again this summer. It had been 4 years since I'd been on summer staff and I was so excited to go back. We had such an amazing summer watching God work through us to change the lives of so many kampers. Even when we were at our lowest moments God did BIG things.
The (GREATEST) girls leadership team:
One of many hilarious and memorable moments at kamp.

Memorable Trips:

April 2009 Seaside, FL

A group of my girlfriends went to Seaside for a week for a much needed getaway. We rented this great little house just across the road from the beach. We laid out in the sun, road beach cruisers around the town of Seaside, ate good food, watched movies, and made some great memories. The trip came at a the perfect time for me. I had just made the final decision to leave my job and a lot was changing in my life. Thanks Cynthia, Lindsay, and Ang for such a great trip and being such amazing friends to me!

September 2009 San Diego, CA

My nephew Finn's first birthday!! I'm so glad I was able to be there for this milestone. The first 12 months of his life were full of a lot of hard and wonderful moments. Finn has shown me God's miraculous hand, His faithfulness to us, His comfort, His peace, and His trustworthiness. I love watching Finn grow into a strong and perfect little boy just the way God created him to be.

My sister Anne, Finn, and I on the boardwalk in Pacific Beach
Me and the birthday boy. :)

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Anna Sue Moss said...

Hi friend! Thanks for being so transparent! 2009 was filled with challenges and changes and I am so encouraged by your faith!!! I love you and I look forward to seeing how the Lord uses you in 2010. Much Love!