25 Days of Christmas

Yay! Christmastime is officially here! I'm back in Branson after a great week in Iowa. The drive back today felt especially long. I was very happy to get home. Had dinner with the roomies and a couple of friends and now we are watching Christmas Vacation on tv. Classic.

As I already told you we decorated our house for Christmas before we all left for Thanksgiving break. Here's our beautiful tree:

And our mantel. See my Willow Tree nativity scene? My mom just got me the shepherd and a few more animals. Each year I'm adding more pieces. Can't wait to have the whole thing! The mantel might be my favorite decoration. Well besides our outside lights but it's too cold for me to go out there and take a picture right now. Maybe tomorrow night...
Here's the real exciting stuff! I got an anonymous advent basket a couple weeks ago and have been just looking at it, longing to start opening it ever since it showed up! On my drive home today I was thinking about it the whole time. Here's what the little note reads:

Here is an Advent Basket from me to you
Wait until the 25th to find out from who.
Open a gift, each day just one,
Please don't cheat or you'll spoil the fun!
Share with your roomies on days that are gloomy,
And know with each token, you are thought of and spoken
With concern to our Keeper who loves you even deeper.
You are His, dear Jane.
This month, and always, may we seek to praise His name!
Know that you are loved.
Begin December 1st.

I'll share each gift as I open them throughout the month. Here's day one. A 12 day of Christmas card game.
Well, tomorrow it's back to reality. I'm going to set up my sewing machine, finish and get started on a few painting projects and return to babysitting. I feel like it's been forever since I've seen the little kiddos!


Anne said...

Aww, that is such a cute idea. Who is it from???

The Sawyer Family said...

oh man... I am so anxious to find out who it's from!! any guesses? I can't wait til Christmas!!!