Advent Basket Day 15

hello blog world.

this is katie, i am on staff with plainly jane mats and am going to be guest blogging today about
the advent gift for day 15. this will be my first blog post to ever be a part of, so i hope that i do not let the blogspot community down. let me start by saying that i am convinced that i know who the basket if from and each day i feel more and more confident, so as i blog i am going to try and not give away who this secret gift giver is.

today the gift that jane opened was the gift tags that you see below. if you do not know jane well, let me inform you that she wraps in a what she calls 'theme' so these may be used by me instead. i am more of a 'freestyle wrapper' than a 'theme wrapper' which means that i wrap with the fun wrapping paper that i see at target and ribbon that i find around the house. jane however has been planning her 'theme' for months and will be sending gifts that are perfectly wrapped, so if you need a wrapper for all of your gifts call, text, or tweet her and she will get to work on your wrapping theme too.

an update from the oak ridge girls house. we are currently watch john mayer on ellen from earlier today with our friend cale. we love ellen's show and are hoping that one day she will bring her mama to come and visit branson. cale is quickly becoming a 'usual' at our house and watched part of 'the holiday' with us earlier. that makes him a good friend.

hope you all like my first and possibly last blog post ever. jane will be back tomorrow with another basket update. there are only ten days left, so who knows what she will receive. if i had to make some predictions i would think lotion, a 2010 calendar, maybe a sonic gift card, vera bradley, or fuzzy socks.

xoxo. katie.

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