Advent Basket Day 4

The first thing I did today was open today's present! :) Inside was a cute little box of silver ball ornaments. I opened them right up and used day 2's gift of the ornament hooks to put them on the tree. When we first got our tree we felt like it was cute but a little bare. Now it is filling up nicely!

This afternoon my roommates and I are taking our Christmas card picture. We thought it would be fun to send out a little card to our friends. We've been talking about doing it for weeks and finally we are getting it done. I really can't decide what to wear! :) Tomorrow we have a fun little Saturday planned (Home Depot, maybe a little Bed Bath and Beyond...if we have time. j/k Old School, anyone?). No, a group of us are heading down to Arkansas to hike for the day. Ang is in charge of the planning and I don't really know much about it other than we are eating breakfast at a really yummy place and stopping at a cool flea market on the way. I'm probably more excited about those two things than the actual hiking but it will be fun. :) Happy Friday everyone!

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