Advent Basket Day 7 & Christmas Parade

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Most likely we won't have a white Christmas in Branson so it's spray snow to the rescue! :) This should be fun. Haven't decided where to spray it on yet, but I'll come up with something.

Last night was the 61st Annual Branson Adoration parade. The whole town comes out for this event and we couldn't resist free candy! And of course seeing our friends who were in the parade on the Taney County K-Life float. It was freezing last night and it was raining during most of the parade. Good thing we brought our thermos of hot chocolate!

Joey, Kara, me, Adam, and Daniel staking our spot on the parade route.

The girls.
This is not a great picture, but it was the only one I got. My fingers were basically frozen and I was under a blanket most of the time so it was hard to work the camera. Here's the Branson marching band starting off the parade!
Wouldn't be Branson without Elvis. Hilarious. I think he winked at me.

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jennaferwhite said...

Jane Presley definitely has a ring to it! :)