Breakfast with Santa

Saturday morning we had a "Breakfast with Santa" Christmas party at our house. We all are going home this week to spend Christmas with our families but we wanted to spend Christmas with our friends too. It really felt like Christmas morning. Everyone wore their pajamas, we made a big breakfast full of pancakes, ham, monkey bread, and lots of other goodies.

What better way to start the day than with a Diet Coke? Are those the perfect Christmas pjs or what?!
Meredith and Kelli came up from Tulsa just to come to the party. So glad ya'll were here!
Kara and I. And yes, that is Adam in the background wearing a tank top and a robe. Oh dear.
Santa and his elf came to kick off the opening of presents. What do you want for Christmas little girl?
There's always that one gift in a White Elephant Gift exchange that crosses the line. Unfortunately Ang was the recipient of this years. I knew what was in the box so had my camera ready to capture her reaction.

Shock and disgust.
Gross! That is a REAL deer skull. It's actually the deer that I killed with my car a while back. Our neighbors/friends killed and ate it. The skull has been in their back yard for weeks and they couldn't resist wrapping it up. Adam actually stole this gift back during the game because he wanted to keep it. Sick.
Joey and I. Besties.
Tracy and Cyndi. So cute in their footsie pjs!
Someone brought gummy fried eggs as their gift. We tried them - they are NOT good.
Kelli and Joey.
We had such a great day. We stayed in our pjs all day, ate pizza for dinner, and went to a movie that night. I'm so thankful for dear friends who love to be together. Merry Christmas!

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