Long day...

So today I had carpool duty for the family I babysit for. Mom took one kid to Springfield for tennis so it was up to me to get 4 kids from school and to their various after school activities. Let's just say I could have driven to Kansas City and hit up at least one store on the Plaza in the amount of time we were in the car this afternoon. Moms, how do you do it every day? I was exhausted. And the only activity I did was get out of the car to buckle and unbuckle seatbelts. I was very happy for some to have some caffeine along for the ride.

Did you see Celine on Oprah today?! I recorded it (since I was driving around town while it was on) and was anticipating watching it all day. Finally when I got home tonight I settled in and pushed play. I honestly don't care about celebrities. I mean, some of them are cool and I read People magazine and all. But if I only had one chance to meet a celebrity it would for sure be Celine. I just love her. I love her music. I love how she still acts like she doesn't understand English sometimes. I really love how she barely gave Oprah a chance to talk during the whole interview. Haha. And her surprise performance with the Canadian Tenors was so great. I am so excited she is going back to Vegas in 2011. Jill - we are planning a trip!!
I should be turning off the light and closing my eyes now, but I have to read at least one more chapter of "The Help". I am only half way through this book and I already don't want it to end. You must read it!

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