Well I'm stuck at home on the couch with strep throat. Who gets strep throat in the middle of the summer?  And at age 27?  Seriously.  Anyway...I had all day to work on this fun project I've been looking forward to.  I bought this super cute pincushion kit from the daily pincushion on etsy.

I have never done embroidery before so I spent a little time watching you tube videos learning a few stitches.  I quickly fell in love with this project!  Starting the top:

Sewing the side band to the top:

Fill 'er up!


Now I don't have to keep my pins in a box top while I'm working and I've learned some new sewing skills!  A successful Friday if I do say so myself.  Well, I'm off to eat another popsicle to sooth my throat.

*sorry the photos aren't very clear. they all were taken on my phone. :)

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