food on a stick

it's that wonderful time of year again in iowa that everyone loves so dearly - state fair time!!  Vicki, Christina, Christina & I couldn't pass up a night of eating fair food and some of the best people watching you'll ever encounter.

there she is in all her glory. the butter cow! 

Christina N. gave us a tour of the 4 H building.  She knows a lot about 4 H...and she's really proud of it.  I totally made fun of it but I also secretly knew that if I had grown up a farm kid I would have been done it and been proud of it too.

if you're at the fair you can't pass up a ride on the giant slide.

warning: this might gross you out. we went to the baby animal barn to see the cute little sheep and calves and got a big surprise.  A cow had just gone in to labor and we witnessed a baby calf be born.  vicki almost threw up but i thought it was cool.  little aunt jemima (that's what they named her) seemed to be struggling a little but we went back to check on her before we left and i think she was ok. 

after that my iowa state fair experience felt complete. 

for the record i did eat a corn dog, a diet coke, and a bag of fresh delicious donuts for dessert.  i was also tempted by the fair square (giant rice krispie treat), a peppermint ice cream cookie thing, and chocolate covered tiramasu on a stick.  mmmm....i'm hungry now....

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Ashley Robbins said...

come home now...this post has made it official that you need to come home. branson shows are much less tacky than an entire cow made of butter. COME HOME.

( you and miss you!)