New Placemats

Our dining room table has been boring and undecorated for too long.  I had a table cloth I liked in the summer, but never found anything wintery that I liked.  So, I decided that I'd just make some placemats.  The beauty of making your own home decor is that you can get exactly what you want. 

I love these fabrics together.  We have a lot of grey in our house.  It's the main color we have going on in our living room (which is connected to the dining room), so I thought this would tie in but also introduce a new color.

I made two with the pink fabric on the left strip and two with the grey on the left strip.

Here is the back side of the placemats.

Now I just need to find something for a center piece.  The bowl is a start, but I just need to think of something to put in it! 

I also put out my Valentine's heart on our door yesterday.  Sorry this is super close up.   There is snow on the ground and it's about 3 degrees outside.  It was not worth it to me to go outside to get a better picture!

Stay warm out there!   I'm watching the Bears vs. Packers game and those people in the stands make me shiver just to look at them!

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dawn said...

You should make placemats like your door mats. They would be kid friendly and darling!