Saturday with my Sewing Machine

So, it's about 15 degrees outside.  Naturally I decided not to go out and to spend the day with my sewing machine. 

Remember this wreath I made at Christmas?  Well, I just couldn't bear to take it down.

But it needed to be a little less Christmasy if it was going to stay up.  So I took off the red flowers and changed them out for cream ones.

(please don't mind me and my ironing board)

I saved the red flowers so I can change them back next Christmas.  This wreath is one of my favorite (and my cheapest) Christmas decoration I have.  I'm so glad I can extend it all year long!

Snack break.  What's a better crafting companion then some HGTV, kettle corn and a Sonic drink?

Side note - do you watch Dear Genevieve?  I LOVE her design style. 

I've been talking about making an apron for oh, over a year now!  Finally today I went for it.  I actually just "made" a pattern from another apron I have.  It was so easy to do.  I'm definitely going to do another one...hopefully soon.

Again, forgive my photography.  As you can tell crafting, not photography, is my skill.  And I pretty much only use my iphone camera these days. 

Hope you're having a great weekend and staying warm!


The Sawyer Family said...

amazing apron Jane!! I'm hoping to make one of those cute wreaths sometime! By the way, I went to a birthday party on Saturday and met a girl who totally looks like you and talks like you and smiles like you!! and it made me miss you! Just wanted to tell you I've been thinking about you!

Annie said...

I love the apron Jane! We need to have a crafting party sometime soon.