mommy jane

This week I "played mom" for a family here in town. The parent's were gone for the week, traveling on the Kanakuk Movie Tour and they asked me to stay with 4 of their 7 kiddos. I had so much fun! We carved pumpkins, I let them eat fast food for dinner, we swam in the hot tub at my house, watched movies, and stayed up past bedtime. I also did my "mom" tasks of making sure homework was done, writing notes to the bus driver, taking them to school when they miss the bus, brushing hair, and convincing them they really do need to brush their teeth.

You may be thinking that this week made me realize "ok, I know I like kids but I'm definitely not ready for motherhood." But no, it only makes me more excited for that time to come! I love every part of it - even the discipline and dirty laundry. :)

But for now, I'm back at my apartment by myself with a cup of cocoa, a cozy blanket, and a chick flick.

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