If you're my friend you already know that I LOVE Celine Dion. I don't care at all if you think it's dorky or if she only makes you think of the sappy song from "Titanic". I have always been a huge fan! Since last Christmas I have anxiously been counting down the days until I finally see her live in concert!! I got two tickets as a Christmas present last year to her show in Kansas City on November 15th. I'm taking my good friend Jill who is a fellow Celine fan and avid concert goer. Since last Christmas Jill and I periodically send each other emails or text messages that may read only "103 days!!!!!!!!". There's no question what we are talking about - days until CELINE! Oh - did I mention the tickets are in the 12th row? Yeah, that's right I said row 12!

Today we are at 23 days until the big day. Are you ready Jill?!! I sure am. :)


EZmoney & Tearbear said...

Dear Jane, I don't have much time to surf blogs very often, I took some time today to surf a few. Wow, there are some whoppers out there! Anyway I just wanted to say I did enjoy reading some of your current publishings, especially about you nephew Finn. I to believe in the power of prayer, heck even good thoughts sent a persons way. So I am sending you and your family "happy thoughts" and I hope your nephew does well and is home with his family soon. Your fellow blogger Terri

Jill the Thrill said...

Girl, I've been ready for about 132 days now!!! only a few more to go!!

Anonymous said...

Jane...I cannot wait to see the sparkle in your eyes when you return from the Celine concert. You are so funny! Ange had Celine playing the other day while we were making dinner and I was cracking up and telling her about your concert. So fun... Lindsay