Weekend in San Diego

I just got home from my weekend in San Diego. It was so much fun to see my sisters, brother-in-law and my nephew. We visited Finn a couple times, picked out the crib bedding, painted the nursery, and ate at yogurt land (YUM)! It was much too short of a trip. I can't wait to go back at Christmas and hopefully see Finn at home, not the hospital. I got to see both Anne and Noah hold him and it made me so jealous. I can't wait until we are all able to hold him and play with him and watch him do all kinds baby things. For now, he is sleeping a lot and taking small steps toward being a "normal" baby.

Well...I've been traveling all day and I feel kind of fuzzy, so I've got to get off the computer. Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

Anne, Amy and I at the beach.
Finn all wrapped up in his new "Redskins" blanket from Grandma!
The nursery

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Ashley Robbins said...

Finn is too cute! His room looks great too! Can't wait to hear about the weekend! Love you! (do i use exclamation points too much?)