"Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String..."

Ok, so I used a little more than brown paper and string. But these are definitely a few of my favorite things! I absolutely love wrapping presents. With my Christmas presents I like to have a theme and of course make some home made tags. This year I used a lime green herringbone paper and a red and silver polka dot paper. For ribbon I used tule and lime green ribbon. I found these really cute red snowflakes that are actually cupcake toppers, but I used them as embellishments. For tags I cut circles out of cardstock, stamped names on them, and attached them with small white clothespins.

Here they are under the tree! Unfortunately I don't get to enjoy them sitting under there for long. I'm shipping them off to California tomorrow. Hopefully they make it in one piece!
Here's a close up of a tag.Finn's presents! So I'm spoiling him, ok? I'm his aunt - I'm allowed! :)I can't wait for everyone to open them up! Only a week and a half more to wait!

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