Early Christmas Present

Today we get the most amazing early Christmas present EVER! Finn is coming home from the NICU! It's been 105 days since he was born. Last night as I was going to bed and praying for his homecoming day I was just amazed at what God has done. He has created this little miracle for us to love and for my sister and brother-in-law to parent. Finn is an incredible testimony to the greatness of God. I can't wait to watch him grow up and turn into the little boy and then the man that God created him to be. Welcome home baby!

Santa made a visit to the NICU yesterday. I think Finn asked Santa if he could go home with his mom and dad!

A little Christmas smile! I mean, seriously, can he be any cuter??!!

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The Sawyer Family said...

okay- seriously that is the cutest face ever! yay for Finn! God is sooo good!