A California Christmas

We have had a fantastic Christmas vacation so far in San Diego. It has been so great to finally be at home with my nephew Finn! He is seriously the cutest little guy! We have all been fighting over who's turn it is to hold him. Christmas day we had a big breakfast at my sister's house and opened presents together. Finn definitely got the most presents!

Here's Finn and I together. I could sit like this all day long!Finn is incredibly expressive! He makes the funniest faces all the time. We call this one "the dragon". He makes it when he's ready to eat. :)

We just had to do it...we put Finn in his stocking for a little photo shoot. :)
So cute!!
We have been doing a few other things besides staring at Finn. Today we went on a long bike ride along the bay. It was a beautiful day!

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