2008 - The Highlights

As I went back through pictures to write this blog I found so many great memories! Here are just a few highlights of a fantastic year.

A trip to Key Largo, FL in the spring with my mom and sister. Ahh...sunshine!
Turning 25! I always thought that at 25 I would really feel like a "grown up", but most of the time I still feel like a kid. If you're wondering what is happening in this picture my friends threw me a surprise party and Pete, Austin, Jason, and Brett wrote me a little song "An Ode to Nay-Nay". I've never felt so loved! :)In my job I get the chance to travel to incredible places! One trip that stands out this year was a trip to Brady, TX for a Pure Excitement event. We stayed at the most amazing ranch house. Here's Jennafer and I enjoying the morning on the porch swing. I got a new car! I'm really not that in to cars, but I had to mention Roxie the Rogue! She's a great little ride and it's my first car that I paid for all by myself. :) I guess I am growing up.The 4th of July in Frankfort. Every summer in Michigan is wonderful and special to my family. This year Frankfort put on the best fireworks show we've ever seen! Trips to Chicago. I love that city! I got to go up a couple of times this year and visit my sister and friends.Countless great memories with friends in Branson! I am so thankful for my friends. I feel so blessed to have friends that truly care about me and love me through thick and thin. They have all been there for me this year in every way. Here's just one fun recent memory from our trip to the Christmas tree farm. Des Moines, IA (and the people there). No matter how many years I'm gone Des Moines will always feel like my "home base". And last but certainly not least this little guy. The Finnster. He is truly a miracle baby and I love him so much! It doesn't hurt that he lives in San Diego! :)
I'm sure that 2009 will be full of even more great memories! I can't wait too see what God has in store for me. Happy New Year!

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Anne said...

Here's to a fabulous 2009 buddy! Love and miss you. xoxo, anne