Finally, Celine!!!!

It has finally come and sadly already gone...Celine Dion live in concert!! Jill and I made met in Kansas City last weekend for our long awaited evening with the diva herself. We got all dolled up, ate a delicious dinner at the plaza, and went to the concert. I have seriously never had so much fun at a concert before in my life! We had amazing seats - 12th row on the floor. Jill is amazing at taking pictures at concerts so she was in charge of the photography. Check it out:

There she is!!

We were just a little bit excited.

Celine rocking it.
"River Deep, Mountain High" Our favorite one of the night.
Can you tell how close we are?
"My Heart Will Go On" Classic.

I know it's only January but this is a highlight of my year! It's going to take something big to top this one. :)


Anne said...

You guys are complete nerds. Love it. xoxo, anne

Courtney said...

Hi Jane. Not sure if you remember me or not (Surge's wife)
ANyway, I came across your blog from Bronwyn's and I saw your Celine post!

I couldn't be more excited to attend that concert on the 11th row Feb. 2nd!!!! I can't wait! I am so excited you loved it!

plainlyjane said...

Hey Courtney - of course I remember you! :) Thanks for checking out my blog. You are going to LOVE Celine! Oh, I am excited for you!! Have fun!!