Christmas Time is here again!

I LOVE CHRISTMAS! Who doesn't, really? This weekend I really got in to the spirit. Saturday morning Pete, Katie, Rylie, Blair and I headed out to cut down our Christmas trees. This has become a really fun tradition for me to be a part of since I started living with the Newman's.

First stop - Dunkin Donuts! There's no better way to start a Saturday morning.
The girls - making memories! The finished tree. TA-DA!Saturday night we had our company Christmas party. It was fun to see everyone and have a nice dinner together. But the real party was the after party! A bunch of us headed out to the Chateau to watch the OU-Mizzou game. But after a little while we discovered another party going on in one of the ballrooms. Just try to keep this group of people away from a live band, a dance floor, and some tipsy middle aged realtors who want to have some fun! We danced and laughed and had so much fun.

Joey, Brett, Chris, me, and Austin in Santa's sleigh. :) Me and Joey - what a dear friend!
Merry Christmas!

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Anne said...

Ha - fun! Did you bust out some Adagio moves on those realtors?? Miss you. See you in 2 weeks. Yahoo!! xoxo, anne