The Happiest Place on Earth

{phone ringing} "K-Kountry, this is Jane"

It's official people! For those of you that don't know yet (and I'm sorry if you're finding out here for the first time) I get to spend this summer at the happiest place on earth - K-Kountry!! It's been 4 years since I last worked at K-Kountry. I have been here in Branson for those 4 years and been able to visit K-Kountry all the time, but it's not quite the same.

Back to living in a barn, making posters, being forced to be in skits, loving on precious little kampers, studing the Word with our amazing staff, filling out ribbons, wearing a one-piece swim suit, eating too many pb&j sandwiches, riding waterslides, "can I get the nature box?", wearing crazy costumes, checking CQ's and so much more!

Plus I get to hang out with this crazy bunch of people. Come by and visit us! It's going to be an awesome summer! :)

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