Telos Bible Church

Today I became a member of my church, Telos Bible Church. My pastor, Bernard, has been doing a series on what our church believes and what it really means to be a member. Today he did a Q&A covering questions that people in our church submitted last week. The main thing I've learned about our church is that we hold to the Bible no matter what. No matter what the issue, we stand on Truth. All "becoming a member" entailed was to put your information on a card - not exactly a big deal. But, by doing this I commit to "Believe, Belong, Be Trained, Be Strong." This is what that means:

We BELIEVE that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior that WE BELONG to the fellowship and family of God, to BE TRAINED in reading and memorizing our Bibles, in serving the body, evangelizing, and in prayer, to BE STRONG until Jesus comes or He takes us home.

I'm excited about being a member. There are some really great people in our church and I love being a part of this local body of believers. If you live in Branson and don't have a church home come visit Telos!

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Buddy Rigotti said...

Awesome Jane!
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