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OMG you guys!! So, for my birthday my amazing friends gave me two tickets to see Legally Blonde the Musical on tour this summer. I just got my tickets a few days ago and I am so excited! I invited my friend Ashley to go with me. We both LOVE the show and basically have the soundtrack memorized. I can't wait to road trip together (it's just two hours away in Arkansas) to the show and rock out to the soundtrack the whole way there!

I dropped this by her office yesterday to invite her to the show. We both squealed with excitement! Get out your pink Ash - it's going to be the girliest day EVER!!
(NOTE: Please ignore the ridiculous picture of me with blonde extensions in my hair. We had a costume party to watch the DVD and I went all's embarassing but whatever. Ashley still looks super cute of course.)

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Ashley Robbins said...

jane, i can't wait to go to this with you! it's going to be a blast! Love you so much!