Baby Book

As I'm unpacking I found my baby book and just had to post these pictures. Hilarious!

This is me with my little sister Amy right after she was born. I'm not sure if I was very happy to have her around. :)
After a little while though we got used to each other and were basically attached at the hip. Can you guess why people always thought we were twins?
This is me and my childhood best friend, Jane. When we were in school we were always "Jane H." and "Jane W.". I think this is our first day of kindergarten.
Here I am at the beach in Key Largo. Fun in the sand!
Well, I better get back to unpacking and do something productive. :)


Ashley Robbins said...

oh my are adorable! Love you!

Anne said...

ha, those are so cute! sweet bowl haircut :)

Amy said...

Those two pics of us are adorable! I loved those pjs!