Moving continued

Today has been another long day of settling in. I've been unpacking boxes and trying to find a place for everything. I really love this house! Here are some pictures for you.

Katie and I share a bathroom. All of the cute stuff in there is Katie's and I'm so happy to share it! I LOVE the shower curtain, don't you?

Here's my bedroom. I used all of the same furniture and bedding from my other place but everything feels new. I've arranged it differently so I think that makes a big difference. I am still trying to decide about the poster over the bed. Do you think it's too big there? The smaller frames on the bookshelves match it so I really want to keep them together. We have a huge basement that was pretty empty when I moved in. We put most of my furniture down there and are creating another living room and a craft room. Here's my little office area. I'm sitting there right now typing this. :)
Here's the "living room" area. It's really cozy!
Everything looks pretty put together right? Wrong. Here are all of the boxes I am still unpacking...ugghhh! I'm going to put a bunch of stuff in storage that I don't really need. But I have to unpack everything so I can see what I have before I can repack it for storage. I'm kind of crazy about organizing like that.
After I get this stuff unpacked I'm going to tackle the craft room. YAY! I know that's going to be my favorite part of the whole house. :) I'll keep posting pictures as things get finished.

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Anne said...

The place looks awesome!! I think the poster looks adorable - keep it. Love you, A