Moving day!

Today was moving day. Let's just say I am exhausted! The day went really well though. I have amazing friends that made everything go so fast and easy. Everyone came over this morning and we had the entire apartment loaded up in trucks and cars in an hour and a half. We unloaded everything and it was a crazy mess. Sarah and I unpacked my bedroom while Katie and Angela unpacked (and completely reorganized) the kitchen. I really like my new bedroom. It's all the same stuff that was in my bedroom before but everything looks new when it's in a new place. Tomorrow I'm going to try and unpack the basement and put storage stuff away.

My favorite thing about living here is having people around all the time. I'm sure that I will get to a point that I want to be alone but right now I love not being alone. :) I will post some pictures as soon as I can muster up the energy to take some and upload them...

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