Branson Craft Fair

This weekend was the annual "Autumn Daze" Craft Fair in downtown Branson. My friend Rachel and I just couldn't resist. We mostly went to laugh at our silly town but ended up finding a few booths that had great stuff! Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the good stuff, but I did snap a few gems.
I've been looking for an apron made out of jean fronts with ribbon attached!

I like to call this the denim disaster. Oh. Dear. Lord.
One of the greatest booths at the fair was the fresh kettle corn. It reminded me of one of my favorite places - the Des Moines farmers market! Rachel and I snacked our way through the fair and sipped on cold IBC rootbeer. Delish.
We had so much fun dreaming of craft ideas together. We had two new business ideas by the end of the day. One of them is a gift wrapping business. You may remember that I love to wrap presents with a theme. Rachel was actually my inspiration for that idea. She always has beautifully wrapped gifts. Our idea is to offer to wrap all of your Christmas gifts in a themed and really creative way. All you would have to do is bring us the gifts and we would return them to you all ready for Christmas morning! At your Christmas parties your gorgeous gifts would be the talk of the town! What do you think? Would you want to take advantage of something like that? Feel free to share any of your ideas or thoughts. :)


Jill the Thrill said...

do you wrap presents in N'Sync or Twilight themes?! :)

Ashley Robbins said...

dear jane, why are you so adorable. if you weren't one of my dearest friends i'm sure that i would not like you :)

love the craft room and love the theme wrapping idea. DO IT!


Anna Sue Moss said...

umm...yes please! I know the gifts would be adorable. You are so creative! Remember that blanket you made for me like 6 years ago...still have and use it everyday. I think it is time for a new one.. :)
love you!

jennaferwhite said...

Consider yourself HIRED!!!