I have a confession. Tonight I started listening to Christmas music. I'm not sure if it's here for good, but I'm afraid it might be. There was just something about a cold day today and maybe all of the Christmas crafts that put me in the mood. I just couldn't resist it! On my drive home from work tonight I put a few of my favorites in the CD player. I'm a fan of almost any Christmas music but I do have a select few that are always on the playlist.

James Taylor - I got this album last Christmas and it instantly became a favorite. There's something about James Taylor that is just soothing. I think he reminds me of my childhood and riding in the car with my dad. My favorite songs on this album are his duet with Natalie Cole "Baby it's cold outside" and his version of "Auld Lang Synge".

Then of course there is Celine. Really she should be at the top. She can do no wrong in my book. I can't pick a favorite song on this cd. Every single one is amazing. I can listen to this one over and over and never get sick of it.
Oh, Josh Groban how you tickle my ears with your many languages and your beautiful voice. And then there's the heartbreaking version of "I'll Be Home for Christmas" with stories of soldiers who are away from their families. I've listened to it probably 100 times and I still tear up. I love his version of "Little Drummer Boy". I never really liked that song but he changed my mind.
Branson has officially put up their Christmas decorations including the big tree at the Branson Landing. That may have something to do with me getting in the spirit a little early this year too. :)

I have a busy weekend planned with lots of crafting! I'll probably start drinking peppermint hot chocolate and lighting my Christmas scented candles. Ok that might be a little much...I'll try to hold off for a few more weeks but I'm not promising anything.

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Jill the Thrill said...

Hilarious jane! I was making dinner for some friends yesterday and we suddenly started singing christmas music!! it must have been in the air!