Good Morning!

I told you that I'm keeping my friends' 3 girls this week. I am in serious mom mode. We are having a blast. I managed to get up a few minutes before the girls today. Just enough time to make a cup of tea and take a few quiet sips. Then I heard little footsteps creeping down the stairs. Today is a preschool day for one of the girls so we got dressed, made some oatmeal, and now they are watching cartoons while we wait for the carpool pickup. I have promised the girls we would do a craft together this week. So this afternoon I think we might try potato stamping! So fun.

As my sister said yesterday a blog post without pictures is just boring (and I agree even though I do it sometimes) so here are a couple from my weekend in Arkansas for the K-Kountry staff reunion.

Some of the wonderful K-Kountry crew. We have the greatest staff around!!
Whitney, me, Blair, and Kara. Blair has lived in Branson 3 of the 4 years I have but this fall she moved to Texas. :( It was so fun to get to see her and catch up. Thanks Blairsie for making the drive to see us! Hope you're having a great day! Can you believe it's Wednesday already? I feel like this week is going fast. :)

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