Home Sweet Home

I survived. After a week of being "mom" to three I'm back home, settling back in to the life of a single 26 year old. I think after being surrounded by kids for so long it's going to take me a little bit to come back to normal! Ok, maybe not that long. I just made myself a scrambled egg and I'm watching The Office from this week. The sun is finally out after hiding behind the gray for like the past 3 weeks so Joey and I are going to head out on a walk around the neighborhood. Then, it's time to start crafting again! I did a few little projects this week and have some fun ideas in the works. Here's a sneak peek: Yipee! Does tule make you as excited as it does me?! :)

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Ashley Robbins said...

i don't know whats in the bag but it looks oh, so festive! love you! praying you catch up with all your crafts this week!