Overwhelmed (in a good way)

So I'm feeling like I have a lot on my plate. But that is a good thing! Every day has been packed full of projects to do. Thanks to my friend Heidi who offered to host it, I am having a Plainly Jane Mats open house on November 8th here in Branson. I am SO excited but I have so much work to do to get ready for it. I'm going to have floormats, placemats, splat mats, time out mats, some greeting cards and hair pins for sale at the show. But anyone will also be able to order a personalized item if they want.
Today is October 1st so I have just over a month to get all of this stuff done. I'm trying to set goals so I don't go crazy in the last week. By the end of next week my goal is to have all of the floor mats done (including a few orders I already have).

Here's my to-do/shopping lists from the past two days. I have to write EVERYTHING down these days. I am always thinking of new things I want to try and I can't keep them straight in my head!
Here's what my basement looks like right now. Katie came down the other day and said it looked like a little mat factory in here! I think she's right. Those little guys are all primed and waiting to be painted.

Here's a few mats that are in the works. One for Mollye's adorable apartment (I can't wait to see that one finished - I have a fun border idea). The other two are for my Great Aunt Jane's cottages in Michigan. Family - you can all enjoy them next summer!
Here's one new idea that Katie and I have fallen in love with. Button art! We made this adorable butterfly canvas together the other day. You can't see it in the picture but there is a brown satin ribbon around the edge. Wouldn't this look so cute in a little girls room?
This precious little girl (my friend Ella) is sitting on the first time out mat that I made. I think these are such a fun idea for kids. Hopefully they won't have to sit on them much, but when they do they will look so cute! This one (and one other) are going up for sale in the etsy store today so go over and snatch it up!

Here is a splat mat that Hayley ordered. I love the colors she chose. I think it turned out great. I think I'll make another like it for the open house.

If all those projects weren't enough, this is what the craft room looks like right now. I'm helping host a baby shower for my dear friend Ashley next weekend. I volunteered to do the decorations and of course I'm making everything. I just can't resist! She's having a little girl so it's an explosion of all things pink and cute. Ash - I know you read my blog so don't look too close! I want it to be a surprise. :) I'll post the finished products after the shower so everyone else can see.

Well, that's all for now. I better stop blogging and get to work! I love crafting!! :)

Oh yea! I set up a new email address just for Plainly Jane Mats. If you want to order anything or have questions email


jennaferwhite said...

I LOVE the button art!! :) SO SO CUTE! :)

Ashley Robbins said...

i love the button art too!!! i promise i didn't look too close :). Love you tons!