Sweet Baby Girl

Today was my dear friend Ashley's baby shower. I had the privilege of helping host the shower with a few of our other friends. Ashley is having her first baby and it is a girl. I am so excited to meet the little peanut! Here's some pics...

All the hostesses with Ashley. Trish, Jennifer, Ashley, Rachel, me and Bronwyn.
Ashley and I. Ashley and I were roommates 4 years ago. When we were living together she and Shay had just started dating. It's been so fun to watch them date, get married and now have their first baby. They are such an amazing couple and going to be fantastic parents. Love you Ash! Thanks for your amazing friendship!

I promised you pictures of all the stuff I made for the shower. Here's a garland that we hung from the mantle. It's just circles cut out of scrapbook paper strung up on raffia.
Diaper cake! I think these are so much fun and such a great gift for new moms. They are so easy to make. I've seen a lot of people roll up each individual diaper but I'm telling you - just layer the diapers flat around each other. It's so much easier and faster to assemble (and disassemble).
This little treasure box that I covered with fun scrapbook paper and decorated with ribbon, buttons and other little do-dads. At the shower people wrote little notes of encouragement or advice for Ashley and put them in the box.
My big project was these onesies and burp rags. I sewed little pockets and buttons on the onesies. I also sewed ribbon on the burp rags to girlie them up a bit!
I strung the onesies and burp rags up on a clothesline across the big window. Such a cute and easy way to give a gift and decorate!
You can't beat a tutu for little girls. All week Ashley has been talking about wanting to make these with me. Little did she know I had already made one for her! It's so easy to make - just take a piece of elastic and tie strips of tule around it. I added a big flower to the front for a little extra umph.
Trish bought bubblegum cigars! So fun.
The loot. It took Ashley almost 2 hours to open all her gifts! She got so many adorable things. :)
Well that's all for tonight. It's turned cold here in Branson. My roommates and I are spending the evening cuddled up in blankets watching Friends episodes. :)


The Sawyer Family said...

Jane! You did a FABULOUS job on all that stuff!! I want to do cool stuff like you!!! Question... can you do a tutorial on the diaper cake? I don't get how to keep them all together while you tie the ribbon. Do you tape them? Ask someone to hold them? Please explain.

Ashley Robbins said...

you are so dear to me! Thanks for making me (and baby) feel so loved! i put another link to your page today. love you!

Anne said...

Cute stuff! Love the onesies with the pockets. I think Finn might need one of those! Miss you. xoxo