Monday, Monday

Happy Monday! I am spending the week keeping my friends' two little kiddos while they are out of town. It's day one and so far so good. B had a fever today but it's already broken, so hopefully we are out of the woods on that one. Rumor has it it's going to snow here tonight. If it sticks maybe we will bundle up and play outside for a little while tomorrow. Knowing Branson it probably won't stick and it will just be gross and cold. I'll have to come up with some creative indoor activities for the week. Maybe some crafts! :)

So, I'm totally getting in to the Christmas mood. Branson has been celebrating Christmas since the day after Halloween so it's hard not to buy into it. Tonight I was wearing my uggs and there was that very wintry chill in the air. I couldn't help but pop in Josh Groban's Christmas album in the car! Yesterday my roommates and I went to our friend Stephanie and Janna's open house. They make the most amazing things and holds an open house once a year. It was an explosion of Christmas cuteness! I wanted to buy everything and immediately put up my Christmas tree. Ang talked us down and we have decided to wait until at least this weekend to start decorating. (check out Stephanie's etsy shop here)
Katie and I at the open house. How amazing are those stockings?! They are painted on canvas and sewn with felt on the back. A-DORABLE!

So, not only are my roommates super fun they are SUPER generous. I have been talking all fall about how I want a pair of tall gray boots. I guess there was a sale at the outlets and they bought me this pair! Gorgeous gray suede Steve Madden's. I can't wait to wear them!! I mean, seriously no one has friends as great as mine. Thanks Katie and Ang! Love you!
And what would a blog post be without the munchie?! Those cheeks are just so pinchable!! Finn, you are killing me with your cuteness. Why do you have to live so far away from me?
Last night I read my new knitting book and learned all about making baby hats. I'm going to get started on one tonight. Here's hoping it's as easy as it looks!

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Brandy said...

I have been missing those pics!! Gosh.. He is adorable. Love it!