I'm Back

Last weekend was my first open house. It was so much fun and has kept me extremely busy, which means not much time for blogging. :) The last two weeks have been full of painting and knitting, painting and knitting. Thanks to all of you who bought something at the open house and those placed orders with me! It's so much fun for me to do custom work.

This weekend I've been finishing up all of the orders and will have them out tomorrow. Starting tonight I'm keeping my friends two kids for the week while they go out of town. So I'll be taking about a week off from painting, but plan on knitting while I'm there. My mom just sent me this adorable new knitting book (itty bitty hats) that I can't wait to try some patterns from. Last night I got some new yarn in the most gorgeous colors!
How cute is that?! Hopefully mine turn out this cute. I'll share some pics as I go.
In other non-craft news, I started my weekend with a little "run in" with a deer. Poor Roxie (that's my car), she got a little beat up. I was just minding my own business, driving to work, and the deer jumps out of the ditch and runs right into Roxie! I never even saw the deer and couldn't find it afterward, but it's hair is stuck in my bumper. Gross.
Looks like Roxie will be spending the week in the shop getting a new bumper. Poor girl. Well, I better get down to my craft room and finish up the projects. Last night I tried out a new church that meets on Saturday night so I got to sleep in today and have to whole day to work. Yay!


Brandy said...

OHHH NO!!!! NAY NAY!! Poor ole Roxie!!! AHH this is horrible. I am sending her some balloons and puzzles to do while she's in the hospital. ah.. bless her heart!

rachellundeen said...

I would kill for a week at the spa. Lucky Roxie...