Purple Wedding and Halloween

Hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend. Mine was jam packed with events. My roommate Angela was in charge of a wedding reception on Saturday morning and she recruited a group of us to help! Now, when I say this was a "purple wedding" I really mean a purple wedding! These were the decorations we were given and Ang gave us a great pep talk to "make it work". So we did. :)

Bringing in the cake.
Somehow we convinced Daniel to come help us. His job was the hang the purple pom poms over the cake table.
Then I had to clean off the pom poms when one of them fell onto the cake. (Luckily this all happened before anyone got there and the bride never knew! :)
Katie sure knows how to make those floral arrangements look fabulous.
After our long morning of wedding festivities we came home, took a quick nap and then began preparing for our Halloween Party! We hosted a costume party at our house. It was such a blast.
Roomies! Me as a girl scout (yes, that is my vest from when I was a girl scout), Katie as Bat Girl, and Ang as Dora the Explorer!
"On my honor I will try to serve God and my country and live by the girl scout law."
The Sparks' made a quick appearance with their kids. Ella was so excited to see another Disney princess there! Joey as Snow White and Ella as Ariel.
Jennafer and I. She was Sweet and Low and her husband was Equal. She made their costumes herself - very impressive!
Our "family". Only missing Adam. In his absence Daniel, Alec, and Austin came as the three largest aspects of his personality. The fisherman, cowboy and the Aggie. And of course they had Adam's signature laugh going all night long. :)
Kara as Juno. I actually watched the movie today because of her costume.
After we were worn out from all our awesome dancing Austin lead us all on a "ghost tour" of the neighborhood. Pretty hilarious.
Just happened to capture this creepy pic on my camera during the tour. Yikes!
I love Halloween. It's another great excuse to act like a kid again. :) I was so thankful for the extra hour of sleep last night. I don't think I would have made it to church without it!

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Sara said...

you were the perfect girlscout!