sometimes it's the little things

in my continuing thought of thankfulness i've realized that a lot of the things i'm thankful for are small things.
1. sonic diet cokes. seriously they are better than other diet cokes
2. my white noise machine. maybe i've just become addicted to it but when i sleep places without it i really miss it.
3. leggings. i'm glad they are back in style and i hope they never leave. come to my house most mornings or evenings and you'll find me in mine usually accompanied with a fleece and my uggs.
4. sharpie pens. not regular sharpies or even fine point sharpies (which used to be my fav), but sharpie makes PENS now. i think there are at least 2 in my purse right now.
5. the ellen degeneres show. laughter every day - guaranteed.
6. organized spaces. it just simply makes me happy to see things all put in their place.
7. scarves, cardigans, and big earrings. turns any outfit into fancy.

that's what i've thought on tonight. more tomorrow on actual thanksgiving day. dad already started the turkey tonight and the pumpkin pie is baked. can't wait to start digging in!

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