week in review

back again for week 2. here ya go...

1. I ate a lot of chocolate chips this week. A lot. Why? I don't know. They were the only sweet thing in the hand just kept going in to the bag. No more. I must stop.

2. I am SO ready for spring. I'm loving everything floral right now. pretty!
3. I'm not sure how I stumbled upon this but I found Carol Hannah's Wedding Collection etsy shop. She was on Project Runway maybe last season? I remember that I loved her dresses. If I was getting married I would seriously consider her stuff. Beautiful.

4. The Olympics! I'm obsessed with all things Olympics. We have been watching non-stop at our house. I will watch any event. And I started following some Olympians on twitter. It's fun to read their insider info from the games.

5. I've had a couple orders for custom splat mats this week in my etsy shop. I'm always surprised when someone I don't know orders something from me. It's kind of exciting that people who don't know me like my stuff. :) This is a large splat mat I did for Lauren who works for a children's museum in Monterey, CA. I've been in the basement all weekend painting other mats. The Olympics have been keeping me company while I work!6. Friday night my roommates and I went to see Valentine's Day. I went in to it with low expectations because I didn't want to be dissapointed and I wasn't. I thought it was cute. Plus my friend Emily and her husband are in it! It was so fun to see them on the big screen. If you go see it look for them. They are the couple making out in the scene when McSteamy (whatever his real name is) gets in a car accident and when Anne Hathaway and Topher Grace are on their dinner date.

7. This is really the only Valentine's decoration we have at the house. It's one of my favorite holiday decorations that I own. I may leave it on the front door all month. :)

8. I downloaded a new app for my phone this week. ShakeIt Photo It turns your photos into polaroids and you even get to shake it like a polaroid to watch it develop. :) Check out a few of mine below.

9. I spent the week taking care of these two munchkins during the day. It is draft time at Kanakuk so their parents both had full days at the office. braden makes me laugh all the time. here he is just wandering around the house with a bucket on his head while playing the harmonica. minutes later he moved on to mopping. ella and i made some valentine's one morning for special friends and her grandparents. when i do crafts with kids it's always hard for me not to make them do things perfectly. but i let it go so the valentine's would turn out just how ella wanted them. and i think it's perfect!

10. the purl bee this is an adorable new website i found this week. the knit coasters she has reminded me how even simple knit projects can be so fun. also, i think i'm going to buy their "project calendar". it's a calendar that has pretty projects on each month. love it!
welp, there it is. starting to love doing this each sunday. see you soon. :)


merebear said...

so glad you found the carol hannah etsy! she was my fav!

and the shake it app...hilarious. the fellas of outkast are so proud, i'm sure, of their great lyrics and the inspiration they continue to have on the world...

Lindsay said...

i am LOVING "week in review" :)

tinypaperheart said...

what a great post! :)

tinypaperheart said...

i love your blog layout!