week in review

1. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. I wish I had a closet that I could turn into this. And a need for an office like this.

2. I have realized that I do most of my thinking when I am driving. This week I did a LOT of driving. I thought this picture just summed it up for me.

3. Hahahahaha. Just made me laugh!! I love Ellen. We record her show everyday. I just stumbled upon this picture and I can just hear her laughing about it. Ha!

4. We finally saw the sun this week. Yay! And it hit 60 degrees on Saturday - just beautiful.
5. I finished reading "The Help". I know I've already raved about it but seriously - read it! You won't regret it. Next book on my list is "Shattered Dreams". It's about a woman who was in a polygamist community and eventually got out. It's a true story. I'll let you know how it is.

6. Friday night I took all 6 kids (of the family I babysit) to the Branson High School basketball game. It was the last game of the season and the place was packed. The kids had a blast but only lasted through the first half. Which was totally fine with me. We headed home, ate a little snack and everybody crashed into bed.

Katerina, Francesca, and Andrew acting crazy at the game :)

7. Monday night I started feeling sick. It felt like the beginning of strep throat. NO GOOD. So Tuesday morning I slept in, made some scramble eggs and toast for breakfast and layed on the couch for a while. It turned into an annoying cough that is still hanging on. I'm really hoping it goes away soon.

8. The new Ben Rector CD came out Tuesday. Go download it!! It's called Into The Morning. It has been on repeat on my ipod all week. Love it.

9. Finally, I'm not a nerd in glasses anymore. I was so happy to see the FedEx man come with my new contacts! I feel like myself again.

10. Found this. I think it speaks for itself.


Anne said...

The Help was so good - I cried when she had to say goodbye to Mae Mobley :( Loved it! That quote on #10 is so you. See you SOON.

Anna Sue Moss said...

Girl!!! I am reading The Help right now and I absolutely love it.
Sher Sher introduced me to it and I am only about a 1/3 of the way through....I know it is going to be one of those books I will be so sad when it is over!