My very dear friends Brett and Joey got engaged this Friday! They are now officially "Broey". :)

My roommate Katie and I had the pleasure of helping Brett pull off the big day. He planned a scavenger hunt for Joey that took her all over town to meet up with people who are special to them. Each person gave her a white rose and a clue to the next place. Katie and I drove her around all afternoon while texting Brett constantly letting him know where we were. (He was SO nervous!)
Here are some photos from along the way.

Joey and Grease at the Kanakuk Chapel. When we pulled up to our house Joey found our friend Sam laying on the front step with a letter from Ang that she sent all the way from Haiti. (We sure missed you being here Ang but we're so proud of what you're doing in Haiti!)
Katie was in charge of taking pics and I filmed Joey at each stop. :) Joey snapped this one of us because we looked so ridiculous.
Cynthia and Joey.
Jake was waiting for Joey at Andy's Frozen Custard. (of course we didn't leave there without a Thin Mint Concrete to enjoy in the car)
Minor was sitting at the bar at the Chateau and bought Joey a much needed margarita. :) Her nerves were off the charts!
When we pulled up to the Branson Belle Adam was there waiting. He was the last stop that sent Joey to see Brett. We left Joey at that point so there aren't any pics of the actual proposal. :)
They headed out to dinner together while Katie and I ran home and set up for a surprise party with all of Brett and Joey's friends. Brett invited all of Joey's college roommates, her mom, and many friends from Kanakuk drove in for the weekend. When she opened the door she was SO surprised! She told me the next day that there were so many people she loved in one room she didn't know who to go to first. We had a great time celebrating with them and being together.

Kelli (our dear friend from kamp who lives in Tulsa), me and Katie
Joey and Brett sharing the engagement story with everyone
So happy!
Katie and Kara (Branson local who recently moved to Texas)Katie, Joey and I. Besties!
Congratulations to the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. McLaughlin! I am so happy for you two! Can't wait for the wedding! :)

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Joey said...

THANKS JANE!!!! I love it!!! What a sweet blog update!