San Diego Top 10

I'm back from a week of vacation in San Diego with my family. My parents rented this great little house with a beautiful backyard. We basically ate, drank, sat in the sun, and smothered my nephew Finn with love and attention! Here for my Sunday top 10 list are 10 great pics from the week. (of course most of them are of Finn)

1. He loved climbing on the lounge chairs but got very frustrated when his feet slipped through the rungs. :)

2. Grandma taught Finn how to kick the ball this week. A trick we made him show off over and over again.
3. Me and my buddy. Uh, I just love him!
4. Finn can not get enough cheerios! Or get them fast enough obviously because he just crawled right up on the table and grabbed the box himself.
5. Check out those teeth!
6. Playing at the beach together.
7. Anne, Finn and I just relaxing in the backyard.
8. I mean, does it get any better than this face?
9. Ok, maybe this one is better. :) He looks like a little tourist with that hat!
10. "Smash Face!" This is Finn's version of a hug. It might not look that cute and snuggly but it was the sweetest moment!
It was such a great trip! I was very happy to come home with a tan. Is it time to go back yet?

Now that I'm home the clock is ticking for the big move! The next two weeks I've got to jump in to packing. Ugh...I hate moving. It's so much work!


Anne said...

Yes, it's time to come back. Come now!!! xoxo

emily said...

so sweet... I have loved reading your blog! Finn is adorable!!!

Brandy said...