week in review

1. i don't even like grapefruit but this just looks so juicy and fresh. it fits the mood right now as i am currently sitting outside in my yard wearing shorts and a tshirt. the sun is shining and it's gorgeous! spring has arrived! (picture from weheartit)
2. Great story - I was at Starbucks this week working on my bible study. (I'm doing Beth Moore's Esther study. Highly recommend it!) The place was pretty full and my options for seating were either a table and chair that was off by itself offering a little privacy or a really comfy looking leather chair with someone sitting in the chair right beside it. Now, I was going to be there for 2 hours so I decided to sacrifice the privacy for comfort. No big deal really, people don't usually interrupt or strike up conversation when you have books out and are obviously working on something. Think again. The guy next to me starts giving me that look like "hey there, i'm totally going to try and be that cool guy you met at starbucks today". He gives me a minute to get settled and then asks me what I'm reading. I tell him, make some conversation, blah blah blah. He decides he's made enough small talk and really goes for it. "Yeah, I like to pray. I pray like 12 hours a day. I like to do yoga and meditate before I lift weights. Do you work out?" {Inside my head: "DO NOT LAUGH. DO NOT LAUGH JANE!"} I'm mean seriously, you have got to be kidding me. That's your pick up line?! That was my cue to put in my headphones and end this conversation.

3. I believe it. (picture from weheartit)
4. Pretty. So pretty. I often wish I still danced. I hated ballet when I was in high school because it was so slow but now I would love an hour of slow, quiet, technical beauty. And it wouldn't hurt if I could dance at the beach and look like this girl. (picture from weheartit)
5. I found this on etsy's front page yesterday (shop). Just thought it was a fun idea with pages from the dictionary. I might have to try it sometime.
6. I found this etsy shop (zenthreads) this week. I really like these shirts. It's taking me a while to decide which one I want to get. Maybe this one.
7. Tuesday night is our usual hang out night at the Sparks'. I was standing in the other room saying goodbye to Rachel and we heard the blow dryer running. We peered around the corner and there was Braden, standing so proudly on the stool at the sink just fixing up his 'do. Hysterical.
8. OMG. Precious. Thursday Francesca had dance class and 2 of the other kids and I had to (got to) stay and watch b/c of scheduling stuff. Their costumes for the recital came in and she ran to the door to show me. I immediately snapped a pic and emailed it to her mom. A-DORABLE.
9. Hehe! No week is complete without the Finnster. Standing - no hands! :) Can't wait to see him on Saturday!!!
10. Aren't these the cutest little chicks and eggs? I want to knit them right up! Here's the pattern.

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Anne said...

OMG Starbucks boy - beat it!! That is funny though.