Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, my friends. I feel like I've been hearing about it more than usual this year. I've been shopping on etsy tonight and of course there are endless eco-friendly products on there. Here are just a few that I'm diggin' and have made my "want to buy" list.

These glasses are made from old IBC rootbeer bottles. So fun! YAVAglass takes recycled glassware and turns them into decorative glassware. I need some more glasses and these might just do the trick.

The Finnster sure would look cute in this organic onesie. He's so trendy. There are lots of cute girl onesie's too in apericot's shop.

Genius! Reusable dryer sheet pillow. And how cute is that little saying? Keep Calm and Recycle On. Found at zJayne's shop. She says they will last up to 4-6-12 months if you keep them in a covered container. Only $12.75 for a set of 3.

Have you noticed that Starbucks recently hasn't been just giving you a sleeve for your cup? You have to ask for one if you want one. (At least it's been happening to me) I've seen these reusable ones on etsy for a long time and I think it's about time I just buy one. mthoodrocks has them for only $5 and has tons of cute patterns.

WasteNotSaks has these super cute reusable snack bags. sure would look trendy bringing these to the office, huh? There are so many adorable fabric patterns that you won't be able to pick just one!

Get on out there and practice the 3 R's.

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